'Nashville Star' Contestant Comes Home

Cotter sang original music and country favorites.
Cotter sang original music and country favorites.
The crowd held signs welcoming Cotter home.
The crowd held signs welcoming Cotter home.

The television program "Nashville Star" is kind of like a country version of the hit show "American Idol." And among the four finalists is a singer from right here in Alabama. His name is Brad Cotter. Monday night, he performed for a hometown crowd.

It was one of the few times Brad has ventured back to the Auburn-Opelika area since graduating from Lee-Scott Academy. He has spent the last nine years pursuing a singing career in Nashville.

"I just haven't really been able to get the exposure I needed or the backing I needed until now," Brad explained in an exclusive WSFA 12 interview.

As part of the television show, producers wanted Brad to perform in his hometown. The reaction from the crowd was one of excitement. "He is the bomb!" one woman told us. "I think his voice is outstanding," said another.

Promoters only had three days to advertise the concert, but more than 3000 people showed up. You might also be surprised to learn just how many of them have personal connections with brad.

"I've known him since he was 8 years old and sang gospel," said one woman. "His mother knows my mother. I've got one of his old albums from when he was a child."

"Coming home has really been--wow--I didn't realize this many people watched the show," Brad said. "It's been really cool."

This could be Brad's big break. Cameras from the USA Network caught the concert to include in their next broadcast. The cameras also followed Brad to some of his favorite Auburn-Opelika landmarks.

The outdoor affair was held at The Lodge at Grand National in Opelika. Proceeds benefit the Lee County chapter of the American Red Cross. Among the donations was a $10,000 check from State Farm Insurance.

You can catch "Nashville Star" on Saturday nights at 9:00 p.m. on the USA Network.