Wetumpka Phys Ed Teacher is a Class Act

If it were up to Elaine Ray every student at Wetumpka Intermediate would be in tip top shape. She's one of the school's physical education teachers. "They need at least 40 minutes a day of physical activity because the obesity in our schools and our young people these days...has really gotten atrocious... The kids sit too much when they get home," she says.

To make sure they don't sit around too much at school, Ray has broadened physical education. After a trip to Egypt she introduced team handball here; and when a bus path was paved at the school, she convinced officials to put in a quarter mile track.

She has responsibilities outside of physical education as well. Principal Lynn Ritvo says, "she controls all of the buses coming and going and the cars coming and going at dismissal time; and that's a feat when you're moving 875 students."

Ray also coordinates the school's field day. This year it's being expanded to field 'week'.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell