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"Mobile homes vs. Mother Nature: The science of survival"

Do you live in a mobile home? Consider this: Of the 63 tornado-related deaths across the country this year, 45 of them occurred in mobile homes.
It's a deep concern for a state like Alabama where as many 16% of its residents, or 700,000 people depend on manufactured housing.
Tonight on WSFA 12 News at 10:00pm, reporter Jennifer Oravet has a special piece we're calling "Mobile homes vs. Mother Nature: The science of survival."

We hope that if you or someone you love lives in a manufactured home, you'll watch or share this story with them. There are ways to protect yourself, but don't be lulled into a false sense of safety.
The photo we've attached to this email shows only the foundation of a mobile home. A tornado swept away the house leaving very little behind.
When our report on-air concludes, come back to WSFA.COM. We'll have tips and links on how to secure your home, how to stay safe and what you need to know to be prepared.
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