Big announcement coming tonight! - Montgomery Alabama news.

Big announcement coming tonight!

It was just a couple months ago that I brought you A Tale of Two Stadiums -- a report comparing ASU's new football stadium to Montgomery's renovated Cramton Bowl. Both are trying to land big events. Today it appears Montgomery has done it. The city will make a BIG announcement at 5:00 p.m. We'll carry it LIVE on WSFA 12 News.

We'll also have live coverage from the state legislature at 6:00. The house passed its own version of an education budget today. The spending plan still calls for cuts, but not as many as the senate version.

And get this -- at least 30 people are hospitalized in north Alabama after using a tainted form of 'spice' (synthetic marijuana). Dekalb County authorities say all of them have serious kidney damage. Earlier this spring Governor Bentley signed a law banning spice statewide. We'll have more details at 5:00.

See you then!

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