Class Act: Dozier Elementary School - Montgomery Alabama news.

Class Act: Dozier Elementary School

Kimberly Pickett is the proud mom of two boys.   She takes her mothering skills into the classroom everyday.   "I run this classroom like they are all my children," Pickett said.  

She's been teaching for 12 years and spent the last three at Dozier Elementary in Montgomery.    For her, third grade is the perfect fit.   "They're so loving.  I get notes everyday saying you are the best teacher in the whole world."

The person who nominated Ms. Pickett for the Class Act award says she's an exceptional teacher who makes it a priority to make sure her students are prepared to achieve a high level of learning.   She was honored to be nominated.    "I don't do it for the accolades or the awards, I do it because this is what I love.   But to know a parent nominated me, and my work is appreciated, I'm extremely excited."

Congratulations for a job well done, everyday in the classroom.   Ms. Kimberly Pickett from Dozier Elementary School is this week's Class Act.

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