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The Plaza at Centennial Hill groundbreaking

Rendering of The Plaza at Centennial Hill Rendering of The Plaza at Centennial Hill

The mention of Tulane Court normally brings visions of violent crime and blighted property, but the future of Hall Street is certainly brighter.

The development of The Plaza at Centennial Hill is now in full swing.  A 129 unit, mixed-income housing community will offer apartment flats and garden homes.  A nod to the vibrant Tulane Court of days gone by.  A time known well by Representative John Knight. 

"It had gotten such a negative image.  I had grown up here, I knew the type of people who were born and raised here, and moved on to many other places.  It didn't deserve that type of reputation."

The reputation of The Plaza will be guarded by investors, involved in a first-ever, public-private funding venture.

Mayor Todd Strange reports the City of Montgomery is investing $2.6 million dollars in federal grant money.  "It's significant.  We've gotten rid of an eye soar."

Former Tulane neighbor Willie Davis also remembers when this community was at it's prime.  "The grass was green, neighbors got along and everyone looked out for each other." 

Davis was president of the Tulane Council, and never dreamed he would see a rebirth of this caliber in his lifetime.  "I always prayed it would be a better community, but I never knew it was going to be torn down, and built up from the dust."

Organizers say the mission here is two-fold: to bring in new business and serve as a springboard, not a final destination.

Knight explains, "You try to do better than what you're doing at the present time.  That's how it was years ago as it relates to the old Tulane Court."

City, state and federal partners, putting their money where it counts; giving neighbors a place to call home. 

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