Alabama Minister says Denomination Might Split Anyway

Conservatives in the United Methodist Church, including a north Alabama minister, say they don't see any way to settle doctrinal differences with the church's gay advocates. So they're proposing to split the nation's third largest denomination between Biblically orthodox Methodists and modern revisionists.

Conservatives prevailed at the General Conference in Pittsburgh in maintaining the church's stand against homosexual behavior. But they fear that those who want a broader role for homosexuals will ignore church law and keep appointing gay and lesbian priests.

The head of a conservative movement in the United Methodist Church says it's time to explore an amicable parting of ways.

Doctor Bill Hinson is associate minister at First United Methodist Church in Huntsville. He said yesterday he concluded that opposing sides in the debate could never reconcile their views on what the Bible says about gays.

But the head of a group that advocates for gay Methodists says conservatives are plotting to harm the church.

Alabama Asssociated Press