Auburn Media Center Specialist is a Class Act

Jennifer Dempsey feels she has the best job in the world. She's the media specialist at Wrights Mill Road Elementary. When she left the classroom to take the job, the media center was filled with old books, since then she's started the birthday book club to help add to the collection.

Dempsey explains, "for a ten dollar donation, students give the ten dollars to the library. And I buy a book in their name and we have a birthday party at the end of the month, and they come and they get to be the first one to check out the book. And we eat cupcakes and ice cream and sing, 'Happy Birthday' and it's just a nice way for them to make a contribution to the library." The school has about 3,000 news books.

Every morning, Dempsey oversees the Wright news, a miniature newscast run by fifth graders that's shown throughout the school. Principal Lynda Tremaine says, "it starts our school day off, with all the children turning on the TV's in the classroom, listening to the local news, who's going on what field trip, what special events are taking place. And it's just a special time for us to all start the school day off on the same note together."

Dempsey is also the school technology coordinator. She's networked the school's media center into every classroom.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell