Prattville Kindergarten Teacher is a Class Act

At Prattville Kindergarten School, Jodi Womble isn't just getting students ready for first grade. She's preparing them for life, by going beyond what's expected of her. Principal Sylvia Knight says, "she's like a nurse, a counselor, a mother, a teacher. She has hugs and smiles and encouragement everyday. The children love coming here. She makes the classroom come alive with many projects and activities. And the children just have a ball learning."

Womble places a heavy emphasis on writing. Last year after she had a student from Vietnam, she pursued and won a grant to help her class learn about the world. "At New Year's we learned about China. At Christmas time we learned about Spain and Mexico. We spent all of February learning about Africa. And we've done cooking activities and had guest speakers. And they've learned lots through books and they've written journals about each country," she says.

Womble is also pretty busy outside of the classroom. She chairs the school SACS committee, and also serves on the safety town and school improvement committees.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell