Back to back burglaries in Millbrook - Montgomery Alabama news.

Back to back burglaries in Millbrook


Broad daylight, a suburban setting: a perfect combination for crooks who are looking for a quick steal.

Unfortunately, Millbrook resident Brett Easterling and a neighbor down the street recently fit this description.

"We were all gone, everyone in this neighborhood generally works during the day." Easterling mentioned.

Easterling says the burglars bumped the lock on his side door and cleaned house, leaving with loads of high dollar electronics.

"A 47' flat screen television, a 50' flat screen television, my son's laptop, iPod Touch, X-Box and 24 games to go with it."

The crooks left the HDMI cable and the old TV's behind, a temporary replacement for the missing flat screens.  A hard lesson Easterling's youngest son is learning at an early age.

"He knows what's going on, and he isn't happy about it." 

While Easterling doesn't feel he was targeted, he does feel extremely violated.

"There is no other place on earth you should feel more secure than your home."

Police say this is a classic example of what they call "Smash and Grab Burglaries".  Investigators say they generally start by casing a neighborhood - and end with a laundry list of electronics.

"We are considering starting some kind of neighborhood watch."

Back to back burglaries, forcing neighbors to take action to protect their most important investment. 

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