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Class Act - LAMP HS debate teacher

There's an argument brewing in Mr. Chris Colvin's class at LAMP high school, and in this class, that's okay.   Mr. Colvin teaches 9th and 10th graders speech and debate and he's this week's Class Act.   He wants he kids to be able to handle a variety of topics.   "Right now we are debating nuclear energy and alternative fuels, but we do everything from that to, what's better a pen or pencil," Colvin said. 

Mr. Colvin has taught for 19 years, the last 12 here at LAMP.  He's very familiar with the program, because he's also a LAMP graduate.   Along with speech and debate he also coaches several sports teams at LAMP.   "I love being around the kids, it keeps you young and fresh and energized. You feed off their energy, that's where my heart is."

And you can tell by their smiles they feed of his energy too.  Mr. Chris Colvin from LAMP high school, this week's Class Act. 

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