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Henry Co. Sheriff's Deputy arrested

Source: Henry Co. Sheriff's Dept. Source: Henry Co. Sheriff's Dept.

A Henry County Sheriff's Deputy was arrested Wednesday after an anonymous source came forward to make complaints and serious policy violations against the officer.

Sheriff Will Maddox confirmed that one of his deputies, identified as 32-year-old Sgt. Nicholas Cheek, was the officer taken into custody. Cheek, a patrol officer on the night shift, is charged with thefts involving handguns and prescription drugs stemming from traffic stops and a domestic violence call.

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation was asked to handle the officer's case, which took about three weeks to complete. Cheek was ultimately charged with five felonies, four theft of property charges and one charge of intimidating a witness. Sheriff Maddox says a stolen handgun was found in Cheek's possession that he'd had since March. The intimidation charge comes from an event that's alleged to have happened in 2009.

Sheriff Maddox said he hates to see criminal charges brought again the officer, who's been with the department for four years and has family in the department, but said officers are held to a higher standard. Maddox said whether or not Cheek is found guilty, his credibility has taken a nose dive, and his employment has already been terminated.

Cheek was in possession of a K-9 unit while with the department. The dog will be retired and will be allowed to live with Cheek.

Sheriff Maddox's department is now made up of 14 officers, but he says he's got good deputies. Still, he calls the ordeal "heartbreaking". He's moving forward to make sure the office doesn't receive any more black eyes. Department policies are being rewritten  to show officers that by not following procedure, they risk the potential to ruin their careers.

Grand juries meet only twice per year in Henry County, so Cheek's case won't go before one until August. He's currently out of jail on a $25,000 bond.

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