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Local bars install Intoxbox

There is a company called Intoxbox that wants you to take more responsibility in your alcoholic drink consumption.  They offer great tips and a tool to help you drink responsible and save not only your life but the lives of others.

Since there are stricter DWI laws, there is more vigilant enforcement of the laws by police, safer roads and the efforts of the Century Council and other advocacy groups to raise awareness regarding the problems of drunken driving. They have clearly had an impact on the incidence of DWI related accidents. DWI-related deaths in 2009 were roughly half the total reported in 1987.

This is part of the mission for Intoxbox they also features a training program within the user interface designed to help users learn to regulate their alcohol consumption and drink responsibly even when they don't have access to a breathalyzer for self-assessment.

If you would like more information about the Intoxbox, visit www.intox-box.com. You can also contact Cody Haycraft at southeast@intox-box.com or call 256-558-4588.

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