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Smoking ban in Birmingham begins today


Smokers in Birmingham now have to be more careful where they light up. The city's new smoking ban takes effect today.

The ban prohibits smoking in public places and restricts smoking outside of businesses. Smokers will have to be at least seven feet from a public entrance when they light up.

While some groups say the ban is just what the city needs, some smokers believe the crackdown goes too far.

"Outside is all I would have to say to that. Why does there have to a distance for it? Smoke is going to go where it goes anyway," said smoker Justin Ray.

"We may be harming ourselves but we don't have the right to harm other people with our smoke. That is what I think," said an unidentified smoker.

Ordinance violators face a $50 fine. Businesses face a $100 fine for a first offense.

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