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Bob Howell takes position with ASU

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Bob Howell is announced at an ASU press conference. Bob Howell is announced at an ASU press conference.

During a news conference held Monday at Alabama State University, ASU President William H. Harris announced that veteran newscaster Bob Howell is the interim director for ASU's Center for Communications and Applied Media, which is a new communications venture at the University.    

Howell, the former managing editor and news anchorman for WSFA 12 News in Montgomery, will lead the center, have roles in developing and creating its curriculum, teaching, and myriad other roles, said President Harris.  

"It became clear to us (ASU) that the one person who could make our interest a reality, and improve what we have done in communications was Bob Howell himself," said Harris.   "Accordingly, we are here today to announce the beginning of Alabama State University's Center for Communications and Applied Media, and we are delighted to have Mr. Howell join Alabama State University."   

Howell retired from WSFA on May 23, ending 32 years with the NBC television station.    

In all, Howell has 45 years in radio and television journalism.   He has reported news from major cities around the country and had several foreign assignments covering stories in England, France, Germany and Kuwait.  During that time, Howell also produced award-winning documentaries, hosted WSFA's "Newsmakers,"  "Alabama Illustrated," "Inside Alabama's Legislature," and numerous charity fundraisers.  

Howell said that he is excited to be joining the ASU team, and while many know of him as a news and communications veteran, he is also no stranger to education.

"I have 24 years of college teaching at Troy University before I came here (to ASU), so I am well aware of what goes into making the best of the opportunities that students face today… I look at this as a terrific opportunity to work with a well-established communications school (ASU), and to add a new dimension in making sure the graduates are up to speed in the practical aspects of working in broadcast, social media and print," Howell said.  

Center for Communications & Applied Media
The ASU Center will be a state-of-the-art facility housing ASU's radio and television stations, recording technology resources and student print media.  These entities include the University's award winning radio station WVAS 90.7 FM HD1, HD2 and HD3; its education television station (ASU-TV); and its student newspaper (The Hornet Tribune).   Experienced broadcast and print professionals will work with ASU's training faculty to provide communications students with multi-faceted, real-life experiences that may be immediately translated into professional employment opportunities.    

The Center's mission is to provide students with the highest level of academic preparation and professional training in broadcast and print communications, mass media and related applied technologies through cutting-edge curricula and state-of-the-art, hands-on experiences.  

It also will work to ensure that students have a successful transition to the professional communications and mass media area in which African-Americans are now severely underrepresented; and to establish a communications outreach program in partnership with local governments, civic organizations and public education leaders that will encourage elementary and secondary education students to develop the academic skills and the motivation to pursue a communications degree at Alabama State University. 

INFORMATION SOURCE: Alabama State University

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