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Jury selections begin in the Sandusky trial

Jury selection begins today in the sex abuse trial of former Penn State Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky.  But finding an unbiased jury is easier said than done in a place where Sandusky was once idolized.  This virtual suburb of the city that is Penn State is home to people with deep professional and personal ties to the university and its legendary team.  So much so that a judge had to be called in from a neighboring county.  And there's already a plan to import a panel from another county if the lawyers can't find enough jurors here. 

The weeks-long trial is expected to be emotionally wrenching.  Some of Sandusky's alleged victims will have to testify, putting their own credibility against Sandusky's.

Kristen Houser of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape says, "This really says that if you report to the police and your case moves forward, you also need to be concerned about whether or not your particular story, some of the most humiliating things that you've ever endured, will be open for discussion with your name attached to them at dinner tables and on the internet across the country."

The former coach is accused of abusing ten boys over a decade and a half.  many of the alleged victims were part of the Second Mile, a charity that helped at-risk youth.  Sandusky has reportedly proclaimed his innocence.

Soon, a group of jurors will take on the responsibility of saying who's telling the truth.

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