WSFA 12 Spots Suspect on the Run

20 minutes after police gave up trying to find 22-year old Mitchell Bracknell, WSFA photojournalist Jeff Harrison spotted him running up the interstate in the southbound lanes of I-65. The suspect eventually ran out of sight under an interstate bridge. Bracknell faces several charges ranging from criminal mischief to domestic violence.

The drama actually started in Montgomery when police chased him to the interstate but officers backed off after learning someone else was inside his car; his own 5 year old son. Bracknell later ran out of gas on I-65 near Prattville. He left his son inside, all alone on busy 65.

"That was very dangerous. The child could have gotten out and walked into the traffic," says Lt. Huey Thornton.

Bracknell was eventually captured in Millbrook about 4 hours after we found him running away. Now he's more trouble than he was before.

"We plan to charge him with contributing to the dependency of a minor and we may hold him responsible for ramming one of our police cars during the chase in Montgomery," says Thornton.

No one was hurt when Bracknell hit the patrol car. His son was found to be in good shape. He was turned over to his mother who is Bracknell's girlfriend. Bracknell's girlfriend's family declined to talk on camera, although they expressed relief that he'd been caught.

The suspect is now in the Montgomery County Detention Center.