Fetus Found in Sewage Pipe

The discovery was made inside this man hole.
The discovery was made inside this man hole.

Brian Adchitson was looking for what was clogging a sewage pipe at the Woodrow East apartment complex in Selma. Instead he made a shocking discovery. Down in a three foot deep man hole was a human fetus that police say looked to be anywhere between three to four months old.

"It was sickening," said Adchitson. "You'd never expect to see that."

Police say the fetus had been in the pipe for no longer than twenty four hours. Adchitson believes there are only two ways it could have gotten there.

"The man whole is pretty heavy. You would need a special tool to lift it and someone would see. It probably got there through a toilet, and it probably came from one of three houses," Adchitson said.

Right now police are not trying to find where it came from. First, they need to know if what happen was even a crime. They are waiting on results from the medical examiner before determining how to handle the investigation, or if there will even be one.