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Shoes Under - "Does it Work?"

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The Shoes Under is a zipper shoe organizer claiming to save closet space by allowing you to organize and stow your shoes, under your bed.

The instructions are simple.  Simply unfold the Shoes Under and unzip the clear plastic cover.  Next, insert your shoes or other accessories and zip to close and store.  With the Shoes Under stretched open, I find it measures 28" by 24" with a 6" depth.  It contains twelve pods for shoe storage.

I begin with a size ten dress shoe.  I have trouble getting both shoes in one slot, so I go with one shoe per slot.  I quickly realize that if I want to get max capacity, I need to find smaller shoes!

With several kinds, sizes, and shapes of shows gathered, I continue to fill up the Shoes Under.  Several sandals, ladies shoes, sneakers, and dress shoes fit into the pods.  The Shoes Under is not deigned to store shoes such as my large boots.

After a minute of angling to store the shoes, I manage to fit nine pairs in the Shoes Under.  Some fit as a pair into one pod, and a couple pairs of the larger and more delicate shoes have to split into their own pods.  For the most part, I am able to fit all of the shoes I gathered and be able to zipper the bag closed.

So the moment of truth comes if we can get the Shoes Under, under the bed.  The Shoes Under slides under my bed effortlessly.  This meets the definition of Shoes Under, so it gets a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

The Shoes Under cost us $9.99 locally.

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