Resolution expresses regret for Whitehurst shooting

Mayor Todd Strange discusses resolutions in Whitehurst case.
Mayor Todd Strange discusses resolutions in Whitehurst case.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Montgomery City Council adopted a resolution Tuesday night that formally expressed regret for the shooting death of Bernard Whitehurst.   The city stopped short of offering financial compensation to Whitehurst's family, instead opting to seek guidance from the Attorney General.

Whitehurst was killed by police in 1975, after being mistaken for a robbery suspect.  The subsequent investigation rocked the city and forced the mayor and public safety director to resign.

"The right thing is to recognize the wrong, to talk about the tragedy and to give recognition to that life that was taken at the hands of the Montgomery Police Department," said Mayor Todd Strange.

The Whitehurst family thanked the council for the gesture, but they are still seeking financial reparations for the incident.  Mayor Strange said the family was offered a settlement after the initial investigation.

The mayor says city officials are unsure whether the city can pay out a settlement now.

"We've researched a lot of court cases and statutes," the Mayor said.  'And to be crystal clear and to be certain, we've asked for the Attorney General's opinion."

The council also voted to place a historical marker describing the incident at a yet undetermined location.

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