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Editorial: Viewer Feedback


In response to our editorial admonishing drivers to obey Alabama's  new law prohibiting texting while driving, we received this comment: 

"Tail-gating causes more wrecks than texting. Even if you are driving the speed limit there is always some idiot sitting on your bumper. … they think they will get there sooner by staying as close as possible to you." 

Touche.  Tailgating is reckless driving and against the law in Alabama. 

In our editorial on the recent killings in our area in which we said "Starting at home is one answer.  Parents must parent",  one viewer responded… 

It perhaps would have been more relevant if you'd pointed out that intact families not unmarried single women having children and then trying to parent them on their own have a far better chance of giving their children direction and a moral compass. " 

About our actual coverage of the Auburn shootings we received our usual small number of complaints about interrupting regular programming for breaking news.  But we also received an unusual number of notes of appreciation.  It was a difficult story, and we appreciate your comments, positive or negative.  

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