Top Archery Prospects - Men

Butch Johnson - Three-time Olympian Butch Johnson ( Woodstock , Conn. ) started shooting archery at the age of 15 because it was fun and he enjoyed the challenge. Thirty-three years later, 48-year-old Johnson continues to challenge himself in the sport of archery as he is attempting to make his fourth consecutive U.S. Olympic Archery team. After a very successful start to 2004, winning the National Indoor Championships and landing a spot on the Italian Grand Prix team, 2003 USA Archery Athlete of the Year and top ranked Johnson has his sights sets on Athens and winning the gold at this summer's Olympic Games.

Johnson says the biggest challenge of his career was making the switch from a compound bow to a recurve bow. He shot a recurve bow from age 15-18, and then switched to compound release. He went from compound release to compound fingers in 1983, then in 1992, switched back to recurve, made the Olympic Team, then went back to compound right after the Olympics. He switched back to recurve for good in 1994.

Besides archery, Johnson is most passionate about hunting and motorcycling. He owns one Harley and ride whenever he can, mostly when the weather is nice and when he's not at an archery tournament.

Vic Wunderle - Wunderle made his first Olympic appearance at the 2000 Games in Sydney , where he captured an individual silver medal and team bronze medal. Twenty-eight-year-old Wunderle was born and raised in Mason City , Ill. , where he has spent the majority of his life. He began shooting archery at the age of five. Both his father and grandfather shot archery for hunting and recreation. His first bow was made from a limb off of the willow tree in his back yard. His father gave him an arrow and had taped a piece of cloth around the end so Vic couldn't hurt anyone. He would run around the yard all day shooting at trees with his newly acquired toy. While Vic was growing up in the small farm community of Mason City , he would spend his spare time working for a local farmer and doing any odd job he could find to make money to pay for his archery competitions. He won his first archery competition at the age of 12 and 16 years later is ranked number two in the country and is undoubtedly one of the top contenders to make the 2004 U.S. Olympic Team.

Wunderle has a Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences degree from Texas A&M University , where he graduated in 2002. At Texas A&M, Wunderle was a member of the archery, pistol, rifle and fishing teams. He gives many speeches each year at schools, company dinners, fairs, tour groups at the Olympic Training Center and many other places.

His two sisters (Sally & Dawn) and Father (Terry) are all involved in archery, although he has many meaningful achievements in archery, Wunderle says his most special moments occurred when sharing the successes with his biggest fan, his late Grandmother.

Chris Shull – Twenty-four-year-old Chris Shull, originally from Columbus , Ohio is currently ranked third in the U.S. and is a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista , Calif. He started shooting archery at the age of 12 because he was "very bad at sports that involved a ball," so he started shooting with a local club after learning about archery in Boy Scouts.

When he's not shooting archery, Shull enjoys triathlons, rock climbing, playing the fiddle, and he even ran his first marathon last year. He also volunteers as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children in the foster care/juvenile dependency system. His job is to provide a voice for children removed from their families because of abuse or neglect.

A 2002 Graduate of Texas A&M University, Shull will be starting law school at Lewis and Clark in Portland , Oregon this September, but plans to stay on track to compete at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing .

Jason McKittrick – The 2000 Men's Olympic Team Alternate, McKittrick's goal is to not only make the 2004 Olympic Team, but to bring home a medal. Twenty-nine-year-old McKittrick is a Batesville, Indiana native and currently lives in Holton , Indiana . He is a 1996 graduate of Purdue University , where he earned his degree in Agricultural Engineering. He is currently a Quality Engineer at Valeo Engine Cooling.

McKittrick's hobbies are hunting and fishing. He started bow hunting, using a compound bow, at the age of 15 and switched to an Olympic style or recurve bow at the age of 20. His greatest achievement in archery so far was winning the team round with Vic Wunderle and Butch Johnson against Korea at the 2002 Turkish Grand Prix. McKittrick shot seven out of nine tens during the final round.

His greatest influence is four-time Olympian Darrell Pace (1976 and 1984 individual gold, 1988 team silver) because he told McKittrick when he first started shooting archery that he had what it takes to be a successful archer.

Joe McGlyn – Thirty-five-year-old McGlyn, a native of Floral Park , N.Y. , is currently a Telecommunications Manager and Co-Owner of Pro-Archery Lanes Inc. in Ozone Park , N.Y. McGlyn started shooting archery at the age of 11 because a childhood friend introduced him to the sport. His greatest achievement in archery so far was shooting his first 1300 score.

His goals over the next year not only include making his first Olympic Team, but also to shoot the best he can and says the most important thing is to have fun doing it. Over the long-term, McGlyn only wants to continue to improve his archery skills because this is a sport that has no age limits, so he expects to be competing for a very long time.

McGlyn is currently ranked 6th in the U.S.

Guy Krueger – Originally from Blessing, Texas, 23-year-old and Texas A&M graduate Guy Krueger is currently a resident athlete at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center, where he trains for hours every day in hopes of making the 2004 Olympic Team. His dream is to become the first American to win two gold medals in the Olympics for archery since Justin Huish did it in 1996.

Krueger started shooting archery at the age of nine in the small town of Blessing , which is near the coast of Texas , after he received a toy bow for Christmas and really enjoyed shooting. After that, he found a local 4-H club to shoot with and has been competitive in archery ever since.

W inning the 2000 World University Championships in Madrid , Spain at his first international competition ever is Krueger's greatest accomplishment in archery so far. In 2003, Krueger won an individual silver medal at the Pan American Games and also a team gold.

After his Olympic career, Krueger would like to stay involved with archery and plans to become a junior national coach and eventually the Olympic and National Coach.

Information provided by USOC Press Box