Mighty FixIt - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Mighty FixIt is a flexible silicone wrap that claims to make an air tight and water tight seal in seconds.  The package comes with three 10' rolls: one yellow, one blue, and one red.  It reads, "Just stretch and wrap."  The strip is very flexible, but not at all sticky.  Touching the "tape" to itself causes a quick and permanent fusing, so it's rolled on a plastic backing.

I have a garden hose with a small hole making for a big time leak. The directions tell me to clean the hose with a little soap and water and then dry it.  It also directs clean hands before use.

With a clean, unpressurized, and empty hose, I begin wrapping the hose with some yellow Mighty FixIt.  I have to keep the wrap stretched at all times while applying, overlapping to allow fusing as I cover the hole.  I find it troublesome to remove the backing as I wrap.  But, if I remove the backing first the dangling end can get dirty or fuse to itself if I'm not extra careful.

With the problem spot now wrapped up with Mighty Fixit, I pressurize the hose.  In seconds, water is spraying out of both ends of the repair.  Maybe I didn't use enough, so I wrap roughly half the blue roll around a larger length of the hose, overlapping multiple times.

This doesn't work either, with water shooting from both edges of the repair seal again.  I find bulges in the silicone repair.  Also, water is weeping from many of the seams along the Mighty FixIt.

The silicone hose bandage is a breeze to remove though.  With the slice of a razor blade, the wrap falls off the hose, leaving behind no sticky mess or residue.

Hose repair is only one of the many suggested uses for the Mighty FixIt, but I'm not thrilled with its performance.  So the Mighty Fixit can't stand up to the pressure and earns a NO for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

The three rolls pack of Mighty FixIt cost roughly $10 at a local business.

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