Kay Ivey reacts to Airbus announcement

Statement from Alabama Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey regarding the Airbus plant announcement:

Alabama's road to economic recovery continues with the announcement of the new Airbus manufacturing plant in Mobile.  Congratulations to Governor Robert Bentley on his steadfast commitment to create jobs in our state.  U.S. Senators Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions, U.S. Representative Jo Bonner and Mobile Mayor Sam Jones are to be congratulated as well.  The $600 million investment at the Brookley Aeroplex will assemble A319, A320 and A321 aircrafts and employ 1,000 full-time workers at full capacity.  Nearly 3,200 jobs will be created for the two year construction phase of the plant.

As vice-chair of the Aerospace States Association, I have seen, first hand, the admiration from other state officials for Alabama's leadership in the Aerospace industry.  Increasingly, Alabama has become a prominent state in meeting 21st Century transportation needs.  The Huntsville area has been a world leader in Aerospace innovation for many years.  With Mercedes, Honda and Hyundai, we are in the forefront as an automotive manufacturer.  Now, we have another feather to add to our transportation manufacturing and technology hat…Airbus.

Alabama has many of the ingredients that companies consider when looking at investment opportunities.  Our natural resources, right-to-work status and educated workforce are particularly inviting.  The Airbus official announcement today could not have come at a better time.  The facility will provide a huge economic boost to our coastal areas that are still recovering from the impact of Katrina and the Deep Water Horizon oil spill.  My office will continue to lend its full support to the Governor's Accelerate Alabama plan - created by the Governor's Alabama Economic Development Alliance to bring jobs to our state.