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Artist creating Trent Richardson painting for Bryant Museum


Most defenders had trouble bringing former Tide running back Trent Richardson down.

But one painter has captured him on canvas in a work expected to hang with other UA stars at the Bryant Museum. FOX6 is among the first to see it.

In case people don't know, this is the same artist who did the Heisman painting of Mark Ingram in 2010. It's in the Bryant Museum.

This latest painting is of Heisman nominee Trent Richardson. Steve Skipper says there are collectors out there dying to see this painting.

A private collector bought the original painting, so the current painting is a reproduction but it's the exact painting that is expected to hang in The Bryant Museum.

Skipper spent 1,700 hours painting it.

Right now, Skipper is in the process of getting it officially licensed with the University of Alabama, which includes getting Trent Richardson's approval.

Skipper titled the painting "Relentless." He says it's a word sums up Richardson's as a player and he feels the painting embodies just that.

From Richardson's tattoos, to the definition of his arms, to the grass kicked up from his cleats…Skipper took pride in capturing every detail of the photo

Skipper said, "With Trent as physical of a player he is, I really have to put a lot of that into it. Look at the player's equipment, player's anatomy, depth of field, from the stands to sidelines, players on the field and the drama going on. It's a lot to put together."

The painting started with a photo skipper got from Alabama's team photographer. It's from this past season's Iron Bowl.

He is in the process of getting Richardson's painting licensed by the university, then giving it a new home.

It's expected to hang next the other Alabama stars at The Bryant Museum. Prints of the painting will be released next week.

This painting was bittersweet for Skipper. He did it in memory of his brother who recently died from cancer. His brother was a painter and inspired Skipper to paint 30 years ago.

When it's all said and done, there where will a reception for Richardson and his family and an official unveiling of the painting.


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