Editorial: Feedback - Voter I.D.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Our recent "Voter I.D." editorial prompted this feedback,

"I don't see what the problem is - you can get a photo ID even if you don't drive. It sounds like if someone has a problem with this they've got something to hide?

"What do you mean it is not required to show a photo ID when voting? I have been showing my driver's license every time I vote. Of course, I do not mind at all. If showing an ID will cut down on "illegal voting", then I am all for that.

Other viewers wrote,

"What is the rate of voter fraud? I would like CH, 12 to announce that for the past 20 years! I don't think this has anything to do with voter fraud at all. This is about denying voters their right to vote."


"I went to a new doctor last week. Not only did I have to show photo ID; he also took my picture and placed it in my officical file. This happens everywhere these days. WHY NOT TO VOTE??

And finally,

The supporters of ID display throw out "voter fraud" with vague scenarios of business transactions needing a display of ID. At no time do the supporters of Voter I.D. give factual reasons to enact such a requirement. Give me the numbers of voter fraud cases that resulted in convictions and the number of voter fraud cases under investigation. Give me the numbers and facts so I can make an informed decision.

As always - we encourage and appreciate your feedback.

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