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Pay It Forward: Folk singer won't stop giving back

Virginia Clifford Anders Virginia Clifford Anders

If Virginia Clifford Anders was just a folk singer inspiring those around her with her original music that would be enough. But few people can boast the resume of giving that she has selflessly achieved over the years.

"People like her never ask for anything back," Anders' friend Rosalyn Butt said.

Anders has devoted her life to expanding the lives of those around her.

"I live my life helping others because it helps me," Anders said, "And it allows me to continue to grow, not just maintain, but to grow as a human being."

She organizes the coffee social hour every week at the All Saints Episcopalian Church. She records audio books for the blind. For years, she has cared for people diagnosed with HIV and when one of her patients died, Virginia adopted her daughter and raised her as her own.

"Her father died when she was 3, her mother died when she was 13," Anders said, "And as a matter of fact, I wrote a song for her called, I'm still here, which is a rocking song. She really likes it."

And what makes Virginia's story so unique is that she shouldn't even be here.

Because of a severe bone disease, doctors didn't think she would live past 30. But after six leg surgeries and screws inserted in both knees she's still here.

"She has quite the influence on everybody that she comes in contact with," Butt said.

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