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Animal cruelty in Montgomery

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Scott Hill answers animals calls throughout Montgomery county and is the watchdog at the Montgomery County Humane Society.

"On a daily basis we answer anywhere from 8 to 15 calls," Hill said.

All calls to report animal abuse. Hill says the majority are neglect and abandonment calls that results in an influx of cats and dogs at the shelter, especially during the summer.

"We've gotten a hundred animals in one day," Montgomery Humane Society Director Steven Tears said.

Tears works with hill to identify abuse cases and even the abusers who drop off their animals.

"We need to be mindful of how precious life is. If you don't care about your dog, bring 'em here," Tears said.

"We'll go talk to the owner after they've turned them in here just to try to get some kind of idea of what is going on and to educate them on the right way to be a responsible owner," Hill said.

Hill says his department prosecutes about 300 animal abuse cases a year.

"We also see a lot of dog fighting in Montgomery county, currently we are working on quite a few investigations," Hill said.

And it's no slap on the wrist. Animal cruelty in the first degree could get you ten years behind bars.

"We're here and we are ready to go out and tackle it," Hill said.

If you suspect animal abuse, you can call your local police or sheriff department's or even your humane society.

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