COPY-Triple Fatalities Hit Small Business Community In Montgomery

At Capitol Seafood, the phone is ringing off the hook. It is dark inside and as customers drive up, they're learning for the first time the co-owner.. 29-year old Tinh Nguyen.. was killed in a deadly car crash.

"I had no idea," says Demitri Polizos. Polizos runs a business across the street from Capitol Seafood. "Nice people. Worked hard. They had kids around all the time," Polizos says.

Because Nguyen and her husband worked hard, Polizos was confident the couple's business would make it. Nguyen and her husband had just opened and had gotten over the first year hurdle.

"This is horrible," he says.

"I never thought in my wildest days something like this would happen," says a shocked Chris Stoudemire.

Stoudemire runs a hair salon next door to Justin's Seafood on South Court. 12-year old Patricia Tran and 8-year old Megan Tran were the children of the man who owns Justin's. They, too, died and in a way, says Stoudemire, so did she when she found out.

"It tears my heart apart. I liked them and they liked me. They were beautiful children. Their parents are very loving," remembers Stoudemire.

WSFA has learned the victims were also part of the family who owns 'T & T Seafood' on Rosa Parks Avenue. They moved to Montgomery from Vietnam, achieving their part of the American dream.

"God will take them through this. It'll be hard but they will come through," Stoudemire believes.

There were survivors in the horrible crash. 31-year old Jennifer Nguyen, 13-year old Ashley Trans and 2-year old Joshua Trans were injured but a relative tells us Nguyen and the 2-year old should make it. They're not sure yet about the 13 year old. They're all recovering at North Baldwin Hospital.

There's still no definitive cause on the accident yet, but stormy weather may be to blame.