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CR 12: Paddle Boarding Lake Martin


You see all sorts of things out at Lake Martin out on the water.  And in the last few years you may have noticed some folks who are paddling, while standing up.   It's called paddle boarding.  "I've been doing it about 3 years," said Sharon Johnston with Paddle Lake Martin.  "It actually started in Hawaii more than 100 years ago."

The concept is pretty simple.  You stand on what looks like an oversized surfboard with your feet side by side.  There's no wave to push you though, that's where the oar comes in.   The boards are pretty fancy.   "This is a surf style 12 foot board you can actually put a cooler on it."

Along with the beautiful scenery of Lake Martin, you can also get a great workout.  "You actually press down with your upper arm and pull back with the other, you have to use your torso, lats and legs for balance."

So what's the best part for paddle boarders like Sharon Johnston?   "I can do it by myself, nobody else's schedule, you don't have to gas it up, it won't break down.  And you can talk while you're riding."

They even got me up for a quick ride.  It was pretty easy to stand but a lot of work to keep moving forward and stay under control.   You can give it a try yourself.  The Lake Martin Dock Company does demos.  Call them at 334-857-2443.

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