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EZ Moves - "Does it Work?"


The EZ Moves system is made to allow one person to move even the heaviest furniture without breaking his or her back.  The kit comes with a set of eight furniture slides and a special Power Bar, designed to give you ten times the strength when lifting through use of a fulcrum.

Each ‘slide' is actually a two part unit.  The base of the furniture rests on a thick blue foam pad.  Durable plastic backing goes against the carpet flooring for easy sliding.  If you have hardwood or linoleum surfaces, the plastic cover is removed to expose a soft felt surface.  The part that makes this "Do It Yourself" is this special Power Bar, which comes in two pieces.  Once locked together, the sturdy steel bar measures about two feet.  It rests on a solid plastic fulcrum for easy lifting to place the slides.

So I use the EZ Moves Power Bar to lift the first leg of my couch with little effort.  I place the plastic based EZ Moves pad under the leg and let down the weight of the couch, sliding the Power Bar out from the pad.  I easily place three more pads underneath the remaining legs.

It's time to move!  On this commercial carpet, to my dismay, I find I can push an empty couch with only one finger!  It slides in any direction with little effort.  Even with two riders secure in the chair, I can move the added weight terribly easily.

Next, I attempt to move a heavy end table.  This takes a bit more oomph to lift, but it's certainly manageable.  Be careful though.  The extra weight of the table makes it tough to remove the Power Bar, resulting in some damage to the base molding.  With five pads in place, I'm able to slide the cabinet wherever I need it to go, even with all of the stuff still on top!

Finally, I remove the plastic sliders and expose the felt for some tile floors.  I'm able to lift and slide a full fridge with the same simplicity as the items on the carpeted floor.

The Power Bar is a bit beat up, but other than that, I have success with all of my tests!  So the EZ Moves slide to a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The EZ Moves cost us $20 at a local business.

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