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School bus drivers beware, administrators watching

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Texting and driving could cost you these days since recent legislation makes it illegal.

And it's not just police watching the roadways.

Montgomery Public School administrators also have their eyes on some drivers.

Toni Taylor knows what it's like to be on a school bus with a distracted driver.

"When bus drivers talk on the phone while driving I think it's really bad because you could kill kids like that."

She lived in California at the time but vividly remembers what she felt as the driver focused on his phone instead of the road.

"He wasn't swerving, but I was still scared, yeah."

For that reason Montgomery Public School officials have strict rules against phone usage.

"They're not to use their cell phones or any other electronic devices while they're driving," says Tom Salter with Montgomery Public Schools.

He says luckily the system hasn't had a big issue with phones and drivers. Perhaps it's because all eyes are on bus operators.

"All of our buses are equipped with cameras and the cameras will see both the driver and the students."

Salter says each driver must undergo state and city training courses every year--where they are reminded of their responsibilities.

But he admits, if students see something concerning?

"They need to tell an adult," says Salter.

"It's a no-no," says Taylor's mother, Kimberly Gunter who has her own message for her child's new bus driver.

"We're trusting them to keep our young ones safe. And you know, they go by example so if they see them do it, then others will follow."

Drivers are not only required to have good driving records with the school system.

They also must have good personal driving records--which means texting and driving in their own vehicles could cost them their jobs.

If you have questions about your child's bus route, call the Montgomery Public School System's Transportation hotline at 223--6900.

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