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CR 12: Honey Bees in Wetumpka


Most folks try to avoid them, but not Joe Lambrecht.   He has a different idea.    "Let's go look in a box," said Oakview Farms owner Lambrecht.   He does all kinds of stuff at his farm including bottling honey from his own bees.   

"This lets them know we're coming."   Lambrecht and his granddaughter Kristin walk toward the boxes filled with bees with a smoking torch.   The smoke makes them stay by the box, much like what they would do in a forest fire, protecting all their honey.   

It truly is an amazing process.   "The queen bee, her whole job is to make everyone behave and lay eggs.   The worker bees go out and gather nectar and bring it back to the house bees.  Everyone has a job to do."  

Each box is filled with trays that collect honey.   On average they fill up these trays twice a year.   "Judd this is our cash crop here, this is the way the bees do it, a full frame ready to be harvested."

Once the trays are full, they put them in a spinning machine to get the honey out and then it's ready to bottle.   It's a sweet treat, but it can also be a painful experience.   Even with those white bee suits on, there's no guarantee.    "I always say if you don't want to get stung don't work with bees, because eventually you will get stung."

But if you can avoid the sting, it's a pretty sweet and profitable business. You can get some yourself and check out other products at Oakview Farms.  Here's a link to the website.

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