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Magic Mesh - "Does it Work?"


The Magic Mesh claims to "Keep Fresh Air in and Bugs Out."  It's a hands free screen door.  The two piece mesh door closes in the center with a series of nine magnets.  The mesh measures about 83" long by 39" wide.  It says no tools required, but if you want it to fit right you'll need a measuring tape and a pencil to make some markings.

The instructions detail installation for single doors and sliding doors.  I will install the Magic Mesh on a sliding glass doorway.  Because the stationary door sits on the outside, I need to install it on the exterior rather than the interior.

To set up for install, I have to adhere what they call "hook & loop" strips along the edges of each panel.  Essentially, these are Velcro strips with a sticky backing on both sides.  Next, I clean the surfaces around the door and mark the center of the opening.

I hang the first panel starting at the center and working away from the door and toward the wall.  Lining up the magnets with the first panel, I then secure the second mesh panel in the same manner.  I finalize securing the side straps, using provided tacks to finish up the alignment.

I suggest using extra care and precision when installing.  One of my magnet sets is not touching, and I had to compromise on height to secure to the top properly, leaving a small gap at the base of my door.

With the Magic Mesh in place, it's time for the true test.  I walk through the Magic Mesh into the room.  Behind me, the magnets grab and this door is closed!  I'm amazed as the series of nine magnets grab onto on another, one by one from top to bottom.  I try again and again, and surely enough the gap in the mesh closes right back up thanks to gravity and magnetism!

Be careful though, a time or two the magnets stick to the metal edging along the interior wall keeping one of the panels from closing.   But, you can't beat the simplicity of the Magic Mesh, so it closes in on a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

The Magic Mesh kit ran us about $15 a local business.

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