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Accused inmate in jail investigation set up, mother says


The mother of an inmate implicated in an ongoing investigation of misconduct at the Montgomery City Jail believes her son has nothing to do with the charges.  Shermane Poole faces first degree charges of promoting contraband. 

Police announced this week an initial investigation that led to the resignation of two officers for providing contraband to inmates has expanded in scope. 

Poole's mother, Latricia said her son had been at the jail since June 5th, serving time for unpaid tickets.  She said he quickly got a job working at the laundry room in the jail's basement, earned through good behavior.

"He said I'm doing good, working, his time going down," Poole said. "Because his main goal was to get those tickets over with, so he could get back to his family.  He has a wife and six children."

Poole said late last month guards found a handcuff key on or near her son's bed and officials revoked his working privileges. 

"He was real upset about it, but then he said Momma it's a good thing the Lord works in good ways," Poole said.  "He said it's a good thing that I didn't go back down there because they would have tried to get me into that mess about the cigarettes, the contraband those officers were giving.  Those were the contraband, cigarettes."

Poole says her son was also accused of arguing with an officer and later put in lockdown, where he had issues because of an anxiety disorder.  She said she was encouraged not to call so much to check in on her son.

"I'm concerned about my son.  I said he's been here since June the 5th and he hasn't been calling, because everything's been going good." he said that everybody loved him and everything was going good.  So why now was there such a big thing?  I think it's because he saw something going on down in the basement, a matter of fact he told me things that were going on in the basement." Poole said. 

Police Chief Kevin Murphy issued a statement which reads: "We have said that this investigation has indicated areas of concern relative to the jail, including the discovery of contraband and the conduct of jail operations. There have been allegations made, which are being thoroughly investigated by MPD in conjunction with the U.S. Marshals Service, and with the Office of City Investigations. In any investigation, we are obligated to protect the integrity of the investigation and avoid jeopardizing any potential prosecution. Because this is an ongoing investigation, we cannot provide or discuss detailed information specific to this matter."

Two of the three guards implicated have resigned.  And the jail's warden, James Carter, has been re-assigned pending the outcome of the investigation.  The U.S. Marshals have temporarily removed 60 federal inmates from the city jail.

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