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CR 12: Chainsaw Carver


Corey Worden has always had some artistic skills.   "I've drawn in the past," Worden said.  But he never thought a skill he learned as a child would lead to a career.  "My father let me use a chainsaw when I was 9 years old."   The boy from Connecticut would cut firewood for his dad.

16 years ago he moved from cutting wood, to carving it.  "It just frees my mind.  It's a chance for total creativity and you can let out some aggression.   Sometimes I look up and realize it's two in the morning and I have to go to bed."

Several years ago he moved to Alabama and now you can see his work off highway 231 just north of Wetumpka in the town of Titus.  "Now the chainsaw is like my pencil."  He has a huge 15 foot gator, an Alabama elephant, an Auburn eagle, and can make pretty much whatever you want.  

He gets the huge trees from all over.   "I like the pine because it's soft and durable.   And the working conditions aren't like a typical art studio.  He's outside with a power tool battling the elements.  "The sawdust and heat are not the best part of this, I was carving at night but then all the bugs were coming out.  Sometimes my hands fall asleep because of all the vibrating."

You can check out Corey's work for yourself.  It's next door to Shaley's gas station in Titus.  You can also look him up on Facebook at "Beneath the Bark - Chainsaw Carvings". 

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