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Jeff Gordon officiates race between dolphins


He's one of the fastest men on the track, but Jeff Gordon traded in his racing suit for some dolphins.

Gordon officiated a race between the dolphins at the Georgia Aquarium on Thursday.

Trainers said the dolphins are so excited about this weekend's NASCAR race, they wanted to try their hand at speed to impress the driver.

Before the race, Gordon sat down to talk about the past 20 years on the track.

"Atlanta has played a significant role for me," said Gordon. "I won my first nationwide race here in Atlanta. I won my first race of the '95 season here in Atlanta where we went on to win the championship that year. So there are plenty of exciting moments at Atlanta Motor Speedway."

On Sept. 2, Gordon will race again at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

That race will officially mark his 20 years in NASCAR.

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