Some State Employees Upset They Were Not Off For Reagan's Funeral

As the nation continues to mourn the passing of President Ronald Reagan, Governor Bob Riley has proclaimed Friday an official 'day of remembrance' in Alabama. He and the First Lady flew to Washington, D.C.for the funeral services. Governor Riley also ordered flags at state offices lowered to half staff until July 5th, a month after Reagan's passing.

Federal workers and several area city employees had Friday off to participate in this national day of mourning, but that is something state employees missed out on. Some told WSFA 12 News they felt cheated. Diane Lindsay is a state employee and she says, "This is history in the making. This is history right here. This is history right here and it's something we can tell our children and grandchildren one day." However, some state employees are wondering how they can honor the day when they have to work and federal employees don't.

Barbara Sherlock, another state employee, says, "I think it should have been a national day of mourning just what the President said everybody should have gotten the day off.," But instead, the Alabama Department of Human Resources did put a television set in the employees break room so they wouldn't miss all of the observances, even if they are at work.

State employees point to September of 1998 when Governor George Wallace died. They were given the day off for his funeral and several days off when his wife Lurleen Wallace died while in office. In all state employees get fourteen paid holidays each year, however if it were left up to some of them there would be 15, to honor President Ronald Reagan.

Reporter: Eileen Jones
Web Producer: Desmond Wingard