Jeff Harrison

Jeff Harrison is a native of the Tanyard community in southern Bullock County (and home of the world famous Tanyard BBQ every first Saturday of April!). His hobbies include hunting, fishing, and working on the family farm.

Jeff is a proud alumnus of Pike Liberal Arts School in Troy and has been married to his lovely wife Karla for 11 years. Karla is a kindergarten teacher.

Jeff attended Troy State University for two years and wound up volunteering at Troy State Television where he got hooked on television, eventually becoming a photographer with the student run operation. Jeff says he learned everything under the Head of Television and Radio Operations, James Clower.

His work at Troy led him to WSFA 12 in 1986. Former anchor Dean Argo brought Jeff in on weekends and helped start his career at WSFA 12.

Jeff credits his success to the people he has worked with over the years. He's worked with award winning photographers like Bill Schaum, Henry Roddam and former chief photographer Vic Irving and credits them with shaping his career. Jeff says, "A crushing blow to our news team and to me personally happened when Vic passed away suddenly in 1996. I was named chief photographer after his passing and still can't help but think he's enjoying a little bass fishing with the good Lord."

Jeff currently serves as WSFA 12 News Operations Manager and works closely with chief photographer Andre Morgan on day to day planning, coordinating remote productions, and managing an award winning photojournalist staff. (Alabama's top two photography awards are named for WSFA 12 former chief photographers, Victor Irving and Stan Tarilton).

Jeff enjoys studying the history of WSFA 12 through reading, studying old pictures, and talking with former employees. Jeff says he loves learning how WSFA 12 has influenced many events around the state and "I am always proud to be a part of Alabama's News Source."

You may reach Jeff at