Cop Shooting Frightening Reminder Of Sheriff's Job

It is quiet today in Macon County. No flashing lights, no sirens blaring. For the moment, no stress.

"I welcome these days. Most certainly," says Macon County Sheriff David Warren.

Monday, however, an entirely different story for Sheriff Warren and 4 other law enforcement agencies. Police closed ranks to chase a man on the run. A suspected bank robber. Shots were fired. An Auburn police officer was struck in the face. Suspect Jonathan Ellis was injured, too.

"No one will know what will happen next," says Sheriff Warren.

It's something Warren never loses sight of. With 31 years under his belt, it's a reminder that things can change in a hurry.

"The only thing that is certain about this life is that it is uncertain," says Warren.

It seems as though this has been the year of the chase for the Macon County Sheriff's Department. Yesterday's hunt for the suspect on Interstate 85 comes two weeks after Florida authorities helped the sheriff track down a man wanted on attempted murder charges. John Brown was the 4th suspect arrested in that case.

"Nothing will seem to happen and then all of a sudden things like what happened yesterday happens," Warren says.

The high drama of Monday's chase and the manhunt earlier this month reinforces what this veteran lawman has known for years; somebody is always trying to break the law. Another chase just may be around the corner.