Editorial: "Conventional Wisdom"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Last week the Republican Party held its convention in Tampa and this week the Democrat's will conduct theirs in Charlotte as each party gears up for the November election only two short months away.

If you are not in attendance at one of these events, which is highly likely that you are not, you are relegated to hearing each candidates plan for our country's future thru a number of speeches given by supporters and then ultimately themselves on national television.

We strongly encourage everyone to make a concerted effort in the next couple months to dig deeper and explore each candidate beyond a stump speech at a convention or a sound bite in the evening news.  Look beyond the political rhetoric and mud-slinging so you can develop a clear picture of what each candidate and party have planned to make our country and the people in it stronger.

We all have a responsibility as citizens of the United States of America to educate ourselves on each candidate's positions, platforms, and core beliefs before Election Day on November the 6th.  If you don't, the only person you can point a finger at if the future isn't brighter – is yourself.

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