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Slushy Magic - "Does it Work?"


No ice.  No blenders.  No mess.  The Slushy Magic promises to make your favorite slushy in seconds at home!  It comes with a cup and a screw on lid with a special vent hole on the top.  As far as the "magic" part, there are three ice cube shaped plastic sacs filled with a clear mystery liquid.  I bet they're filled with a liquid having a lower freezing temperature than water, like salt water.  It comes with a slushy idea guide and a cool straw-spoon combo.  The cup plus cubes hold about 3/4 of a cup of liquid

We need to freeze the magic cubes for a few hours before we can use them.  I first wash everything before sending the ice cubes to the freezer overnight.  A day later, the cubes are now frozen solid.

So, I place all three frozen cubes in the cup.  Then I pour some cranberry juice into the cup until I reach the fill line.  With the cap screwed on, I place my finger over the vent hole and begin shaking the cup.

I shake and shake and shake for two minutes.  Some of the juice leaks through the vent hole, even with my finger over top of it.  After time passes, I open the cap and pour out my slush to get a good look at it.  There's some slush, but there's plenty of liquid juice too.

Since the cubes are mostly melted after one try, I clean them and send them for another night of freezing.  Once frozen, I take my chocolate milk for a shake.  After another two minutes I have a mostly a chocolate milk slush, with a bit of cold milk around it.  Much of the slush is stuck to the cubes and needs to be scraped off, but we get a good deal of slush out of this trial.

I'm not overly impressed with the slushification, but it does work to an extent.  You'll need one for each slushy you want since the cubes melted for me after each shake-stravaganza.  So the Slushy Magic gets a half frozen SOMETIMES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

The Slushy Magic cost us $15 at a local business.

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