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Dog warns boy when diabetic dangers arise

Nash warns Cody when his blood sugar levels become dangerous. Nash warns Cody when his blood sugar levels become dangerous.

A Cullman County boy has a best friend that's also helping protect him. 8-year-old Cody Bales of Bremen has diabetes; his dog, named Nash, alerts his family when his blood sugar goes to dangerous levels. The two are inseparable. Nash goes to school with Cody, even church.

Usually when a dog barks, you might think it wants to play. But Cody Bales family knows if Nash is barking something is wrong. "He is absolutely amazing," said Cody's mother, Stephanie Bales. "I don't know what life would be without him now."

"He's my best big friend," said Cody. His best little friend is his little brother Cole.

Before Nash got here, Stephanie would wake up every two hours and sneak in Cody's room to check his levels. "I guess I still get up at 2 am just for my security blanket, just to know that Cody is okay, but Nash is on it. He wakes me every time," said Stephanie Bales.

Cody was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of four. A few years into dealing with the condition, Stephanie learned about alert dogs. She looked into it and decided to give it a try. She contacted Alert Service Dogs out of Indiana. "They would give us certain ranges of blood sugar that they wanted us to send clothes that he was wearing, so we would send those clothes to the trainers and they would use those to train Nash," said Stephanie Bales.

They did this for months before Nash was ready to come meet Cody. Finally on July 8th Nash finally arrived. "I was skeptical," said Stephanie Bales about Nash's first day with Cody. "Nash had alerted on Cody, Cody was in 140's which is normal for him. The trainer said just give it a few minutes I think he's on to something. I'm like 'this is a crock,' but within 30 minutes, we kept testing Cody like every 10 minutes and within 30 minutes his blood sugar was too low," said Stephanie Bale.

Nash is usually 30 minutes ahead of Cody's meter. And with Nash, Cody can now do all the things a boy his age does. "When I'm playing kid pitch this year I'm going to come over to the fence let him sniff me, and then after that in basketball he's going to be sitting on the other side and letting us know," said Cody Bales.

"I didn't know when I was praying for peace, God was going to send it in the form of a dog," said Stephanie Bales.

Nash cost $13,000. But luckily for the Bales they had a whole lot of community support. The Cullman area raised $25,000 for them in the matter of three weeks. The Bales say they couldn't be more grateful to everyone who pitched in to help.

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