"Brown v. Board of Education" Supreme Court Reenactment

Cochran's National Partner to Serves as Lead Plaintiff Counsel In ABA Reenactment of Brown vs. Board
Commemorating the 50 Year Anniversary

TUSKEGEE, AL– With his most recent record breaking $1.62 billion verdict and his numerous multimillion dollar settlements, it's no surprise that Cochran Firm founder and national law partner, Jock M. Smith, would be selected to serve as lead counsel for the reenactment of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision . The 50 th Anniversary commemoration will take place on Friday, April 30 at 2:00 p.m. at the Cannon Center for Performing Arts in Memphis, TN during the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division Spring National Public Service Conference.

" Brown v. Board is a true testament of our legal system's ability to establish and protect equal rights for all Americans," says YLD Chair, Jonathan Cole. The Nashville lawyer also stated, "It is important that we understand and uphold the ideals of Brown v. Board so we can continue to push for progress against social injustice." "My partner vehemently believes in our legal system and he too loves justice for justice sake," says, famed attorney, Johnnie L. Cochran. "He has been successfully fighting for the rights of citizens for over 20 years. I have no doubt that he will carry out this charge with extraordinary passion and acumen."

The trial will demonstrate the 1951 proceedings that took place in Topeka, Kan., and will serve as a tutorial on trial skills for members of the legal community, as well as, a demonstration of the legal system at work for Memphis-area elementary school students who will attend.

Throughout his career, Smith has represented numerous individuals against corporate giants securing substantial awards on their behalf. Among these are an $80 million verdict for the 1999 case of Artie Mae Jeter vs. Orkin Exterminating Company, a landmark $700 million environmental settlement against Monsanto, Pharmacia and Solutia Inc., and the most recent historic $1.62 billion award for Carolyn Whittaker against Southwestern Life Insurance Company and agent James Richard Perry's fraudulent sale and service of an insurance policy.

Smith is certain to provide attendees at the reenactment with a colorful and poignant view of the tremendous impact of the Supreme Court's decision. "I have dedicated my life to ensuring that the 'least of these' are represented and not taken advantaged of," stated Smith. "I am honored and blessed to have been selected as lead counsel and to focus once again on this landmark case of Brown v. Board of Education," added Smith. "This one case has had such a profound impact on our society. Recognizing these pivotal events keeps us fighting the good fight against social injustice and will ensure that we all continue to be protected equally under the law."

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