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Dog rescued after 100-foot fall down ravine

Multnomah Falls, OR (KPTV) -

A hound dog that fell more than 100 feet down a ravine near Multnomah Falls has been rescued.

The owners of 10-month-old Riley removed her leash while the family was hiking and stopped for a snack on the Oneonta Trail Wednesday evening.

The owners said Riley was on the ground at the time, but when they removed the leash the dog got up and started exploring the area.

At some point, Riley slipped on a rock and fell a short distance to a ledge. Around 5:30 p.m., after a half-hour stuck in that spot, the dog got restless and slipped another 100 feet down the ravine.

The owners reported the situation to deputies Wednesday night, who decided it would be safer to wait until daylight to attempt a rescue.

The dog was not believed to be badly hurt at the time.

The Oregon Humane Society's Technical Animal Rescue Team hiked up around 11:15 a.m. Thursday with ropes, climbing gear, rescue baskets and canine first-aid material to save the dog.

They rappelled down and spent more than 40 minutes earning Riley's trust. A crew member then fit the dog with a rescue harness and they were hoisted back up the ravine.

The Humane Society said the dog suffered scratches and bruises, but no apparent major injuries.

Riley was taken to a vet in the area Thursday evening to get checked out.

The Humane Society originally reported the rescue involved a basset hound, but the dog is actually a hound dog mix.

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