Hurricane Isaac's effects still being felt on seafood industry

David Scott holds a tub of Jumbo Lump crab meat.
David Scott holds a tub of Jumbo Lump crab meat.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Don't be fooled, David Scott at Destin Connection didn't let Hurricane Isaac keep him from selling seafood.

"We saw the storm coming several days in advance."

Scott realized the hurricane could jeopardize gulf seafood and in turn, his business.

He talked with his suppliers and stocked up early. But once the storm hit, he noticed.

"The main thing that the storm's affected right now is the oysters. Every oyster bed from Louisiana to Florida was closed."

Not only oysters, but crabs too.

Scott says since most of the crabs he gets come from Louisiana, it hurt the crab industry and caused prices to skyrocket.

"Crab meat has gone up about $3.00 a pound," says Scott.

Scott says it's an increase he won't be passing along to his customers.

"I didn't up my crab meat price because I'm looking for the price to stabilize...go back down."

While it may cost a little more and take a little longer to get to his store, he expects everything to be back to normal within a few days.

"They are catching crabs again and catching more fresh fish."

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