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Selma residents seek help after floods


Storm victims in Dallas County are meeting to try and secure financial assistance from the federal government. They say they need help cleaning up from flash floods in the wake of Hurricane Isaac.

Officials scheduled two meetings today for residents to report their damage to the Dallas County EMA.

Carletta Jones knows the more pictures she has of her home, the better. "Here is a side view of the cable boxes hanging from the power lines," she shows the camera.  

Selma city leaders say photos of flood damage help FEMA officials understand the depth of destruction some residents experienced when heavy rain flooded parts of the city. "It's a better chance that you are receiving assistance and that you are telling the truth."

The State EMA has to complete damage assessments in that area before any federal assistance could be considered.  The State EMA is working with the Dallas County EMA office to do the assessment.

An Dallas County EMA official believes if everyone who suffered damage comes forward they'll qualify for assistance. Jones hopes that's true as she waits for relief. "I just hope that they're able to give us some help."

Mayor Evans contacted Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange knowing the capital city has experience in requesting disaster assistance for the flooding that happened back in 2009.

Today, Montgomery General Services Director Steve Jones was in Selma to help residents understand how important it is to report their home damage.

Mayor Evans says if you can't make it out Wednesday night, don't worry. You can call City Hall or the Dallas County EMA Thursday, and they will write down your information.

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