Guest Editorial: "Bust the Trust"

As a candidate, Governor Bentley told us the State is hurting and needs a doctor.  Rather than offer us a cure for our budget problems, he is asking us to accept a Band-Aid on September 18.  But, there remains the time and the will to find a cure.

The Governor would have us believe that, should his referendum fail, funding for educators, prisons, and our healthcare system is in grave peril.  He has even warned state employees that their jobs are at risk.  This is simply not the case.  Sadly, these same, tired scare tactics, perfected in Washington, have come home to roost in Alabama.  There is a better way.

Last week, Alabama's Medicaid Commissioner testified Medicaid is fully funded through at least August of 2013.  That gives us over 11 months to fix Medicaid without raiding our State's trust fund.  So, whether make Medicaid solvent in a special session or in the next regular session, there is plenty of time to act.

The Alabama Trust Fund is not a savings account; it is an investment account put in trust to protect Alabama's oil and gas revenues from reckless politicians.  If we let them bust the trust to shirk their constitutional duties, we only have ourselves to blame.

Rep. Joe Hubbard 

Editor's Note: This is a guest editorial from Alabama State Representative Joe Hubbard (D-Montgomery) who is against the Sept. 18th Constitutional Amendment to take money from the Alabama Trust Fund. An opposing guest editorial is available here.

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