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Guest Editorial: "Vote Yes on the amendment"

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  • Guest Editorial: "Bust the Trust"

    Guest Editorial: "Bust the Trust"

    Editor's Note: The following is a guest editorial from Alabama State Representative Joe Hubbard (D-Montgomery) who is against the Sept. 18th Constitutional Amendment to take money from the Alabama TrustMore >>
    As a candidate, Governor Bentley told us the State is hurting and needs a doctor.  Rather than offer us a cure for our budget problems, he is asking us to accept a Band-Aid on September 18.  But, there remains the time and the will to find a cure. More >>

This Tuesday you will have a very important vote to cast on a constitutional amendment that will have a direct impact on everyone's quality of life in Alabama.

Don't be misled by the very few opponents of this  amendment.

The fact is this amendment is supported by every major group in the state, Gov. Robert Bentley, and the entire leadership of the Alabama Legislature.

Here are the facts about the constitutional amendment on Tuesday.

  • If you vote "YES," you will make sure hospitals stay open and provide the services we depend on.
  • If you vote "YES," we will make sure all children continue to receive quality healthcare.
  • If you vote "YES," we will keep the state financially solvent.
  • If you vote "YES" we will keep tens of thousands of jobs and avoid drastic cuts in the public and private sector.

This vote is about our health, our jobs, our economy and our safety. That's why we urge you to vote "YES" on Tuesday.

RICK JOURNEY - Keep Alabama Working

Editor's Note: This guest editorial is from Rick Journey with "Keep Alabama Working" which is supporting the Sept. 18th Constitutional Amendment to take money from the Alabama Trust Fund. An opposing guest editorial was aired Thursday. It can be found here.

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