Montgomery Woman Feels Birmingham's Pain Of Losing 3 Police Officers

In Selena Gordon's living room in her Montgomery home, there are memories of her son; the American flag that draped his coffin, his police badge, and of course, his picture on the wall.

"I cry about it. He was just so good-hearted," says Selena Gordon.

For the first time in her life, Ms. Gordon met the deepest kind of sorrow when Officer Anderson Gordon was shot to death nearly 7 years ago. Officer Gordon died in his patrol car in front of his church. He had just driven up on a car accident involving a suspect running from a bail bondsman. 10 minutes earlier, Gordon and his mother had lunch together.

"Little did we know it would be the last time I'd seen him alive," says Ms. Gordon.

A jury convicted Torrey McNabb for Gordon's murder. He sits on death row, and as of today, an execution date hasn't been set. McNabb has filed two appeals and lost both. He now has the option of filing one last appeal before the United States Supreme Court which he must do before July 29th of this year.

"I don't hate him no more, but I hate what he did," Gordon says.

Selena Gordon felt like she needed to forgive McNabb so she could let go and move on, but it wasn't easy, and it won't be she says for the three families in Birmingham.

"There's gonna be pain for a long time. They gonna have to pray and pray hard. Without prayer they gonna have a hard time getting' through," says Ms. Gordon.

Living out a childhood dream as a police officer, Anderson Gordon would have turned 37 two weeks ago. In his mother's heart, he is still on patrol.